Living Small And Traveling The World

Dated: 06/08/2015

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Living small is all the rage right now and I have always been a fan of keeping the family close.  I remember as a child, there was no TV in my room, my door was always open and my mom always seemed to  know what I was up to.  Our house was a single story and only had the bathroom in the master bedroom and one guest bath so she knew if I had washed my hands before dinner and she knew when I brushed my teeth before bed.  My family and I now live in a 4 bedroom, 2 and half bath, 2 story house.  I have learned with my children that most of the time I have no idea that they have or have not brushed their teeth or washed their hands and am constantly  reminding them to do things.  My boys all have tvs in their rooms and phones and tablets, not to mention every game console known to man. We are completely disconnected from each other now. We are so busy working to pay for extra things like summer camp and basketball leagues that we are running ourselves ragged and don't seem to be enjoying life. Family vacations are so expensive and now require so much planning it seems.  Everyone has to have the one thing they love to make it a great vacation instead of experiencing something new and different. Heaven forbid we should go somewhere without an internet connection!   It' seems to me this family has figured out what the American Dream is becoming for all of us.  Reconnecting with ourselves and our immediate family.  Living a simpler life, seeing the world and  really enjoying life and the sights around them.  I hope that I can implement just a fraction of what this family has done.  

How would this change your life if you did this?

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