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Dated: 08/29/2016

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"Back to School".....You have seen and heard those words over the last few months.  Well its here!  Maybe your child/children have been in school for the last few weeks or is just starting this week regardless you will be overwhelmed by all the paperwork that you will be receiving.  All my children have graduated from High School and they are now on to College, but  I still remember all the paperwork that was sent home to be completed even if nothing changed from the previous year.  Yikes!

 After sorting through all the papers, filling out the forms and throwing the rest away, there was an item that I really liked to have on my Fridge for the school year.  The Calendar.  I always found this to be very helpful when planning the rest of the year.  I have attached the links below for several school districts.  If you are needing a school district that is not listed just shoot me an email and I will send it to you.

You can either copy and paste or simply click on the link to access the calendar for that district.

Happy School Year!

Alamo Heights ISD








Harlandale ISD



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