5 Great San Antonio Restaurants With Playgrounds

Dated: 01/06/2016

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Had a long day and need a break from the kitchen? Need a place that’s family friendly and has more than just a pack of off-brand crayons and fold-up puzzle sheets that the kiddos get bored with in about 10 minutes? From this dad to you – here’s a list of tried and true restaurants in San Antonio with great food and playgrounds (so you can enjoy a cocktail in peace).

1. The Cove, 606 W Cypress Street (Closed Mondays)Click HERE for the MENU.

2. Beto's, 8142 Broadway; click HERE for the MENU.

3. Smoke Shack, 3714 Broadwayclick HERE for the MENU.

4. La Hacienda de Los Barrios, 18747 Redland Road; click HERE for the MENU.

5. MoMack's Backyard Eatery, 13838 Jones Maltsberger; click HERE for the MENU.

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