5 Ideas To Help Sell A Vacant Home

Dated: 12/02/2014

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It’s easy for real estate agents to schedule showings on homes that are vacant; the approvals are generally pretty automatic.  Actually showing the home is not always so easy.  If the home is vacant, it may require a little maintenance to keep it in top shape, particularly if there has been multiple showings and inclement weather.   If the home has an overgrown yard, if the home “smells” when the front door is opened, if the floors are tracked with dirt and grime, well, the home is not likely to sell as quickly as a home that is clean and has a manicured yard.  Curb appeal determines whether some buyers just pass on by or stop to look inside.  Five things that Sellers can do that will help get potential buyers inside include:

1) Staging.  If the budget allows, the home will almost certainly show better with furnishings.  It’s hard to judge the space when it is empty, for example, whether a king bed fits in the master.  If there is even a queen bed displayed there, it’s easier to decide whether your king might fit.  If a breakfast table is used, it is easier to showcase that part of the home and so on. 
2) Highlight the entry.   This can be accomplished in a variety of ways from painting the door to adding new lighting or a welcome mat.  Although the ideas here require a budget and a little work, it should pay off by inviting the prospective buyers inside.

Contract for yard work.  There are lots of reputable companies who contract for lawn maintenance, but you may be able to find a reliable neighbor, teen or even a relative who will keep the yard cleaned up.  Remember, the idea is to make the home inviting enough to get the buyers inside.  What’s the old saying—“anything worth doing is …”!

Leave the home well maintained.  Before the home goes on the market, make sure that everything is in good working condition—from the back fence to the garage door.  Imagine yourself as a buyer seeing the home for the first time.  Is it obvious that the owners have taken care of the home? 

Air fresheners, candles, potpourri work well, especially when air fresheners are placed in not-so-obvious places like the top of the closets, top of the cabinets, etc.  Scented candles and potpourri can sit on the mantel or a shelf to add a bit of décor and to freshen up the space.  The smell should not be overwhelming in the home, a light, fresh scent works best.

I hope you’re able to use one of two of these ideas and it helps get your home sold quickly.  
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