A Call To Help Mission Conceptcion In San Antonio Texas

Dated: 06/01/2016

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Here in San Antonio Texas we are known for many things.. Our 5 Missions, the Spurs Basketball Team, Tex-Mex food, The Beautiful River walk and the San Antonio River, just to mention a few... So many of you know that San Antonio Texas is also referred to as "River City", "Alamo City", "Mission City".  When it comes down to it, we San Antonians have a great deal of pride in our City!  Most folks don't realize that San Antonians are also a very Civic minded.  I mention this because Mayor Taylor has sent out a call for help!  It takes a lot of dollars to maintain our Cities Missions.  We are all custodians of our town and the things like our Missions that make it a great place to live.   Routine maintenance of our Historic Missions is costly, and preservation is important.  Mission Conceptcion has an opportunity to win $236,000!  Round up all your family and frends and lets make this happen!  Please see the following information and act!  We all need to pitch in and help one of our 5 Missions, Mission Concepcion and it just takes a minute and a couple of clicks on your computer!  

Your San Antonio Area Realtor, Denise Moore  (210) 355-0559


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Help Mission Concepcion win $236,000 by voting every day until July 5th at http://www.nationalgeographic.com/voteyourpark/  #voteyourpark

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