Aging In Place Not So Much

Dated: 08/04/2015

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Are you at a point in life where you are tired of climbing the stairs in your home?  Does it make you tired just thinking about mowing the yard on a hot, humid Texas day?  What about getting into the car and driving three or four miles (or further) to the nearest grocer, gym, doctor’s office, pharmacy or restaurant?  Perhaps there are none of these necessities (hmmmm….) near your neighborhood.  What if you are aging and no longer want to drive unless it is absolutely necessary!     You realize it is time for a decision—about how you wish to spend today, the rest of your life, about your present home and the lifestyle you really want. 

San Antonio is still the place you want to live.  You have friends and family here.  You start thinking about different places in the area that may offer what you are looking for!  There are two active senior communities nearby—Scenic Hills in the Schertz-Cibolo area and Hill Country Retreat in Alamo Ranch on the northwest side of San Antonio.  However, neither of these neighborhoods offers a full range of services that are accessible without driving some distance.  The Hill Country Retreat area probably has the closest access to shopping, pharmacy, grocer, theater and more.  But, it is necessary to drive and what if you don’t want to drive anymore!

There is a place in midtown that is within walking distance to all types of shopping, pharmacy, restaurants, just about anything you want, all within a half mile radius.  Of course, the location and availability of services makes it a likely location for multi-family dwellings.  If you enjoy condominium living, there are a couple of very nicely located buildings just off Broadway.  Of course, the more amenities you desire, the better chance for higher HOA fees.  But, the availability is there and the choice is yours. 

I visited two very different condo buildings this week.  The first building was nice and it is possible to get a ground floor condo at a fair price.  The second building was a place I could call home.  There was only one main door, with a receptionist/guard stationed there and all the condos can be accessed through the main door—or the elevator up from the garage.   One of my favorite restaurants is just a short distance away, my favorite grocer, pharmacy, etc., about a half mile away! 

If you are in the San Antonio area and starting to plan your future (aging or not!) and want to talk about some of the options I mentioned, give me a call.  I’ll always make time to talk!

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Sharon is a military wife who moved at the direction of the U.S. Army for nearly 30 years, a Federal employee who retired after 30 years of service, an active Broker Associate/REALTOR in San Antonio w....

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