Favorite Winter Comfort Foods

Dated: 01/03/2018

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We’ve all heard Grandma say that “chicken soup will fix whatever ails you” but chicken and homemade noodles tops the list of comfort foods for me.  I have to admit that I don’t recall one time when it “cured” whatever minor illness I had at the time, but it sure tasted good and warmed me up!  Homemade Noodles with Chicken isn’t the only winter staple that I love—soups, stews, pot pies, lasagna—OMG!  No wonder I have to log every bite I take.

I believe that our comfort foods are regional.  I am originally from northeast Oklahoma where winter is cold, windy and cold with some ice and snow.  It seems like cold weather makes me hungry for certain foods.  My Mom would cook a pot of white or navy beans with a ham hock or bacon and she could sure mix up a great batch of fresh bread.  Yum!  We didn’t have many fancy meals, but we were never hungry.  Today I still love the smell of a pot of beans cooking but I prefer cornbread with mine.

During the cold or cooler months here, we eat a lot of soup.  My husband is the main cook at our house and he makes a great pot of stew (and chili, too).  When you step to the door, you can smell the bubbly concoction cooking and it grabs your nose right away.  It’s amazing how that stew clears your head and fills your belly and it is always better the next day.  And the next!

I’ve revealed my favorite comfort foods but I also like pork chops with yams and tons more.  What is your regional favorite comfort food?  It would be a fun discussion and a great opportunity to meet people and share favorite “comfort” recipes. 

If you are settled in and thinking about comfort (foods) and wishing for a more comfortable home, maybe we can get together.  If you are in the San Antonio area and not currently working with a real estate agent, let’s talk.  We can even trade some recipes!

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