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This is a follow-on to my initial writing regarding choosing a cruise for a family vacation.  As I write, we are on our second cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines, both sailings on one of the newer ships, The Magic.  The Carnival Magic is a large ship filled with entertainment opportunities and activities for all ages and desires.   We are into our second day, in Port at Key West, Florida.  The next couple of days, we will see Freeport and Nassau, The Bahamas. 

--The stateroom:
  I am traveling with family and my spouse and I have one of our grandchildren in our stateroom.  We were very pleasantly surprised to find a king sized bed for us and a twin for her.  For those traveling only two to a stateroom (for our deck, anyway), the twin bed would be a sofa.  On our previous trip, we booked an interior room and had two children in our stateroom.  The kids had drop down beds located directly above our bed.  This is so much better because we don’t have to dodge the dropdown beds when we get up during the night.  We also have a bathroom with a shower, vanity and toilet and a separate bathroom with a vanity and a tub.  It is actually quite nice and very comfortable—particularly traveling with family.

--Food selection:
  You have the choice of eating as a family with an assigned time and table in the dining room, selecting hamburgers or pizza anytime or eating at the buffet.  We enjoy the special service and foods in the dining room for our evening meal.  The waiters ask your name and remember you from night to night.  It really makes a vacation special to have the staff remember that your preferences. 
--Traveling with kids:    There are six adults, a two year old and a twelve year old in our party.  There is a club for the older kids with lots of activities, a waterslide, sports such as soccer, basketball and more.  The little guy is happy just to walk around the ship.  He brought a small bag of his own with toys and he is quite content to play with his trucks in the stateroom and walk around the various decks when we are out.  There is a lot of things for the adult kids too, a casino, sports, spa services, adult beverages, comedy shows, dive-in movies, etc.  No one should be bored on board.

--Avoid Being Seasick:    I used the patch that is placed behind the ear last time and it worked quite well.  I filled a prescription again this time and forgot it at home.  We stopped at a drugstore along the way and picked up some over-the-counter wrist bands to prevent seasickness.  I cannot say for sure that either method works better, but I will say with certainty that I will not cruise without some type of medication.  I get queasy with the slightest movement by car, so I assume that the movement of the ship would get me too.  You should also decide whether you need to medicate too.

I still say a cruise is a great family vacation with lots of choices for everyone.  I like being able to prepay and not be stressed over money while trying to enjoy my vacation.  If you haven’t already cruised, you should really give it a try.  You and your family might love it.
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