The Only New Year's Resolution I've Ever Kept!

Dated: 01/08/2019

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January is the beginning of a new year and offers each of us an opportunity to begin anew.  Those items we decide to “begin again” may be some of the same things we decided to “begin again” last year at this time.  The big question is this: “Will the things you decide to start over today be repeated next January or will you have been successful in starting fresh and sticking to it? 

Does your list include any of these:  healthier eating, losing weight, different styles of clothing, cooking different foods, planting a spring garden, cleaning out your closets, regular exercise or simply walking a certain distance each day?  These items are doable as one-time items, but what if you could repeat them for an entire year?   As you/we progress through the year, we may decide we like the changes we’ve made, and we’ll continue them into the next year!  Is your goal simpler, you could, say, start decluttering your kitchen or renovate a bathroom, even replace a floor covering.  Those items seem more difficult, but the required effort is short-lived, and you’ll benefit from the modifications long-term.

 Last January, I decided to start walking my neighborhood.  I vowed to do it daily and to walk about a mile each time.  The goal of walking is the only exercise goal that I have ever kept!  I started walking my neighborhood streets (it is not flat) and at first, it was difficult.  I got winded, I got tired and it took time I had devoted to other things.  By the time I got to a mile, I was “done in”.  But, the rest of the story is…I kept walking and I walked nearly every day.  (I feel confident in saying that I didn’t miss walking more than 3 to 5 days all year.)  I finally bumped my walk up to 2 miles and sometimes a bit more.  I try not to miss my walk.  It has become my special time and I love being outside, soaking in the fresh air and greeting other walkers as I go. 


I wouldn’t have believed it of me, but I need to get out and walk.  I am hooked!  I feel better, my clothes fit better, I have a better outlook and I’ve shed a few pounds as a bonus.  Besides, my neighborhood walkers just might miss me if I am not out there!


If you have goals or resolutions or whatever-you-care-to-call-them that you’ve set for yourself, I’d be happy to cheer for you.  If you are in the San Antonio area and thinking about buying or selling real estate this year, I’ll be glad to talk with you about that.  While we are talking, if we happen to get into a discussion about your goals (or mine, 600+ miles in 2019), so much for the better! 

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The Only New Year's Resolution I've Ever Kept!

January is the beginning of a new year and offers each of us an opportunity to begin anew.  Those items we decide to “begin again” may be some of the same things we decided to ;

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