Why Must I Put Away My Family Pictures?

Dated: 01/22/2019

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“Why do real estate agents tell us to put away our family pictures and personal items when we put our house up for sale?”  This is a question posed to me by a client who sold a home in another state and purchased one here with me.   It is an interesting question, but there are other items that should be removed as well.  This client has numerous family photos and enjoys having them nearby.  I am glad she asked me the question because it provided an avenue for me to speak with her about the other items too. 

We recommend that clients put away photographs of family members, vacation pics, educational diplomas, awards and souvenir items to assure that prospective buyers look at the home not the pictures while they tour the property.  We don’t want to distract them by having last year’s cruise photos with all the smiling faces setting out.  Right?

In addition to personal items like family photos, I ask my clients to remove expensive pottery or irreplaceable décor items (i.e., crystal vases, Lladro and Goebel figurines, etc.).  I recommend they put away small, expensive electronics (i.e., cell phones, iPads, tablets, etc.), prescription medications and weapons.  Weapons should not be stored in the closet because prospective buyers will automatically look at the size of the closet.  Weapons should be removed altogether or placed in a safe. 

If the children’s rooms have their names above the beds, I recommend that my clients remove the names—and I do not include the names in the photographs for the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  Another safety precaution is the lockbox.  If the home is occupied, I will use a Supra lockbox.  The Supra lockbox requires a special code issued by SABOR and tracks and identifies who accessed the key and potentially entered the home.  (There is no tracking mechanism available when using the combination lockbox.)     

I have more suggestions on getting your home ready for market.  If you are in the San Antonio area and thinking about buying or selling real estate and, if you are not currently working with a Realtor, let’s talk. 


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