2016 Home Sales In Herff Ranch Neighborhood Of Boerne

Dated: 11/09/2016

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Trail of Herff Ranch

The Trails of Herff Ranch is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Boerne with easy access to schools, shopping, restaurants, and parks.  Cibolo Creek Elementary is within the boundaries of Herff Ranch and is easily accessible by foot or bike.  Boerne Champion High School is only about a half mile from the entrance of the neighborhood.  

Located on the far west side of Boerne, Herff Ranch has an average home sales price of $275,525 making it an affordable neighborhood for families that want high quality public schools and easily accessible amenities.

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Just down the road from Herff Ranch are ample shopping opportunities in downtown Boerne, easy access to Cibolo Creek Nature Center, a state of the art public library, River Road Park, and many high quality restaurants.  

With an average sales price of $275,525 this is an affordable neighborhood for families that want high quality public schools and easily accessible amenities.

The graphic below provides year to date (January - September 2016) information for sales in the Trails of Herff Ranch neighborhood.  The highlights include an average sales price of $275,525, average sale price per square foot of $108.42, an average of 80 days on market before sale, a total of 36 sales, and a graph that shows increasing prices over the past few years.  You can also download a copy of the Trails of Herff Ranch real estate report.


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