4 Good Reasons To Use An Agent When Contracting To Build A New Home

Dated: 11/21/2014

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Some buyers choose to represent themselves with a new home builder because they think they can get a better “deal” without an agent.   They expect the builders to allow them to purchase the home minus the commission that would have been paid to a real estate agent.  The builder’s with whom I am familiar calculate the cost of the commission right into the cost of the home—whether there is an agent included on the contract or not.   Buyers who choose not to have representation should remember that the builder has a representative to protect their interests and they are agreeing to purchase the most expensive item they will likely ever purchase--without representation (that would be cost-free to the Buyer).  Here are just a few of things agents watch over during the contracting and construction phase of the transaction:

An agent representing a Buyer looks out for their best interests and will often request that items such as whole-house blinds or front and back sprinkler systems are included in the contract price (at little or no additional cost to the Buyer).   A few builders may even allow a full appliance package. 

I have personally experienced three clients using the “preferred” lender of one builder who were disapproved just before the scheduled closing.  Each of these clients thought they lost the home of their dreams and were very disappointed.   I recommended a local lender who was able to approve them, get them to closing and into their homes.   Agents who have been in similar situations can ease the stress on the client by recommending lenders they know (and trust) to take care of their clients.

Building a new home can be a very stressful undertaking.  An agent can help by answering questions, attending design center and builder meetings and being available to support the clients.  For example, a buyer visits the building site day after day and it looks like nothing is being accomplished.  Instead of being upset at the (suspected) delay, call your agent.  The agent may know what is happening or can find out to help relieve the stress on the client.   Sometimes just having a sounding board (agent) allows the client to get back on track. 

4)   An experienced real estate agent should be knowledgeable on the new home construction process and available to assist his or her clients from the moment they decide on a home until they are moving into the home.  If your agent is not available for you, you may not have the right agent.  
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