4 Wacky Things Buyers Wont Forget

Dated: 12/12/2014

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My clients have generally been a very discerning collection of Buyers.  Like most homebuyers today, they pre-select homes they wish to see online and look forward to visiting them.  Often the homes are very different than the pictures on line.  Homeowners should look at the pictures of their home and put themselves in the shoes of today’s home buyers.  (Some) agents should use current pictures of the listed home rather than using stock photos taken years ago.  Sellers should also de-personalize the home, a process that serves two purposes:  it allows the prospective buyer to think about the property as a potential next home and the seller to begin to move forward to their next home.  Here are 4 crazy things observed while showing homes that my client’s won’t soon forget:

1) The front door fell off when it was unlocked!  Yes, it did.  The property was a foreclosure with many issues.  The door apparently had only been partially installed and when opened forward, it fell off.  My clients declined to go any further.  I called the listing agent to come secure the home—I could not get the door back in place to try to lock it.

2) A naked man was sleeping in one of the secondary bedrooms.  We had an approved appointment, but apparently when the rest of the occupants departed, they forgot to tell him.  I opened a closed door, knocking first—just in case—and woke him.  My clients ‘declined’ to enter the doom and did not make an offer on the home.  Note:  if you choose to remain in the home during showings, be presentable--and make sure your "friends" don't leave you behind when they leave.
3) The master bedroom was padlocked from the outside.  Many homeowners have locks on the master bedroom, but this one was padlocked from the outside—very strange.  We had an approved showing but were not allowed inside the master?  Your imagination goes wild when something like this comes up, but ultimately, the clients did not think the sellers were serious about selling the home.
4) A secondary bedroom was being used as a litter box.  Cat litter was strewn across the floor and there was smelly “evidence” that it had been used.  Phooey!  What an unpleasant surprise this was.  No offer on this one.
These homeowners, whether it was a bank or an individual, lost an opportunity to sell.  They had qualified buyers looking for a home in their location, price range and size, but due to the seller’s lack of preparation to sell, they lost a potential sale.  Selling a home requires preparation and upkeep.  Make sure your home is ready and capitalize on those potential sales every time buyers visit.  If you are looking to buy a home or sell your current home, I'd like to talk with you.
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