5 Really Cheap Ways To Increase Your Homes Curb Appeal

Dated: 12/09/2014

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One of the biggest deal-killers for buyers is that first look at a home in need of some extra curb appeal.  The impression your home makes on potential buyers from the street often determines whether they will go any further.  If the yard is unsightly, the door is in need of repair, cleaning and/or paint, garbage bins (and yes, even trash) strewn around, a planter filled with the remains of last summer's flowers and the walkway cluttered with the kid's toys, well, let's just say they are probably not going in with an open mind.

It is a relatively easy fix, though.  Using these tips may improve your chances of a sale and likely bring more potential buyers through your door:
1) Make sure the grass is cut and weeds are pulled.  At the same time, think about edging the walkway to add just that extra touch.
2) Take a good look at your front door.  Does it need to be repainted?  Is the doorbell in working order?  Is the light fixture in good condition (yes, is there a bulb in it)?  These touches are not expensive but sure go a long way in welcoming visitors (think buyers).
3) Spring for a splash of color at the front door by replacing those dead plants with blooming plants.  It will cost a few dollars but if it helps convince a buyer to enter your home, it's worth it.
4) Make sure the walls and/or windows surrounding your front door are clean.  If needed, apply a fresh coat of paint.  Would you want to purchase a home with grimy windows or hand-prints on the trim around the door?  Not me.
5) Lastly, before every showing, a quick once-over on the yard will allow you to check for toys (or preferably the absence of toys).
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