7 Outdated Home Trends You Need to Stop Repeating

Dated: November 28 2023

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7 Outdated Home Trends You Need to Stop Repeating


Let’s look at some outdated home trends to see how many you have in your home!

We’ve all heard the saying…”Trends come and go, but style is eternal.” While that may be true, dismissing the whims of passing fads overlooks the significance of living outside the box every once in a while. And we think that some fads should be just that…passing!


Outdated Home Trend: Typography Signs

The modern farmhouse trend seemed to explode back in the 2010s. And while we appreciated it as much as the next person, some of these outdated home trends more cookie-cutter fads have to go. You know what we mean.

Outdated Home Trend: Ferns On Overdrive

Sometime back in the 90s, ferns took over everyone’s homes all of a sudden, and living rooms all looked like greenhouses. Now don’t get us wrong. This is a gorgeous plant. But having one…or five in every room of your house is just too much.


Outdated Home Trend: Shag Carpeting

We get it! Shag carpets feel AH-mazing under your feet. They take comfort to another level, mostly when stepped on. These carpets have a unique way of making people feel like they’re walking on clouds.


Outdated Home Trend: Everything White And Gray

We wouldn’t have guessed, but it seems as though white kitchens are on their way out in favor of those bright, bold, and colorful kitchens.

Outdated Home Trend: Plaid

Well, the 70s called…They want their plaid back! People printed it on practically every piece of furniture, including their bedspread material. If one was to go back in time, they could even see plaid as wallpaper!

Outdated Home Trend: Wood Paneling

This is another major outdated home trend that was all the rage in the 70s. Wood paneling was very popular because it made houses look more appealing. Many homeowners could only dream of putting this decor item in their homes.

Outdated Home Trend: Fake Fruits

Fake fruits were something you saw on many dining room tables throughout the ’90s. But, constantly having to clean and dust the dirt that regularly settled on it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. This added significant stress to the already tedious job of cleaning one’s home.

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