Summer Fun On A Budget

Dated: 06/01/2018

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With summer approching I wanted to spread the word about summer programs and freebies in San Antonio.  Parks like Hemisphere and Pearsall park have free water water parks perfect for small children.  The city also has many public pools within parks across town San Pedro park and Woodlawn being two of my favorites.  A hit with my kids every year are the museums many have one night or day a week with free admission.  The Doseum has free admission friday nights and also has fun outdoor and aquatic activities.  The Witte museum has free admission on thursdays but does exclude the featured exibit.  The city of San Antonio has multiple summer programs not all are free some are income based but include meals are full day and are a more active alternative to daycare.  I hope some of this info is helpful.  I know me and my children will definitely be taking advantage. Happy Summer 2018!!

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